If you also pay through UPI then it seems that your account is empty.

So friends, today we are going to talk about UPI payment, we are going to know about how to make UPI payment, friends, nowadays a lot of payments are being made through UPI payment in India and how many frauds are also coming. If you also make UPI payment then you will get UPI payment. What things should be kept in mind while doing

If you do not take care, your account can become completely empty. I am going to give you information about this that as the number of people making UPI payment is increasing, the number of road cases is also increasing. So, what should you keep in mind while making UPI payment? We are writing this article with this in mind, so you have to read this article completely from beginning to end so that you can understand completely what things we should keep in mind while making UPI payment.

In today’s time, everyone from small retailers to big shopkeepers use UPI payment. You can make even the smallest payment very easily and you can make the biggest payment within a jiffy. We have benefited a lot from this UPI payment that how we do not need to keepAnd this UPI payment is used from a small ready to a big shop, like Paytm on Google, on phone, apart from this there are other UPI apps through which we can make payment.

UPI payment.

Friends, before making UPI payment, we are asked for a pen. If we enter that pen, then further payment process starts and payment is made but we do not enter any pen for money, we try to put money there. So they do not deposit the money because UPI PIN is required to deposit the money. It is important that we tell you one thing that you should not share your UPI PIN anywhere, no matter how special it is to you. You have to keep the UPI PIN private and remember what is your UPI PIN as far as the bank is concerned. Then UPI app also says not to share your PAN with anyone.

The second thing is that you must change your UPI PIN every two months. What will happen by changing your PIN is that the mark on you will be rotten. Even the fraudsters will think that they have done something. So if you make payment through UPI payment then do not give your PAN to anyone or anyone’s phone. If you come, you should never reveal your PAN.

Whenever you switch off your mobile, keep it with the screen locked or whenever you keep it on, keep the screen locked. When you lock the screen, your hundred percent is your UPI payment safe because friends, if you lock your mobile. If you do not lock the screen then no one can access your phone anywhere. And any person can easily hack your phone. After hacking, he can see what you have seen inside your mobile, what you have not seen, what you are seeing, your OTP etc. then you should pay attention to this. Wherever you keep your mobile, keep the screen locked.

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Multiple UPI applications.

You should not make any haste while making payment and you should never enter the wrong pen. UPI payment MPs get confused due to wrong PIN, so you should not make any haste while making payment. The same pen which was set by your UPI PIN should be the same. Enter. So you should keep these things in mind while making UPI payment.

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